Dartmouth Planned System Outage (12/21/13)

From Dartmouth College Information Technology Services:

We are planning a data center failover event beginning on December 21st. The goal is to confirm our readiness, and make adjustments as necessary to our procedures, in the event of a wide scale service interruption to our primary data center. The impact to the regular services provided by institution during the event will be significant. The event will start at 5am and will continue until the test is completed which includes putting everything back as it was before the test started. If things go as planned we will complete the test in the early evening on the 21st however this is a complicated set of processes and it is not out of the realm of possibility that the event could continue into and through the 22nd.

This outage affects every Dartmouth and TDI system. Please do not plan on doing any work these two days.