Konica Minolta: Scan to USB

The following instructions are for scanning directly to a USB drive from USB enabled Konica Minolta’s.


  • USB Thumb Drive 2GB or less
  • Formatted as FAT32
    The drive may not be recognized if it is larger than 2GB and will not be recognized if it is not formatted as FAT32


  • Insert the thumb drive into the USB slot (which, in most instances, is located behind the touch panel)
  • When the “External Memory…” screen pops up on the display, press “Save a document to External Memory.
  • Place your document(s) to be scanned on the Scanning bed or in the automatic feed
  • Confirm the settings meet your requirements and then press the “Start” button at the bottom of the display panel to begin scanning.
  • You will have the option to scan again to the same device or remove your device if you are finished.