Printer Setup: Bizhub 224e

Note: Make sure you are connected to Hanover Inn’s Guest network before attempting to add printer or before submitting a print job. Attempts will fail if you are not connected.

These instructions are for the Konica Minolta Bizhub 224e located at the Hanover Inn. Instructions and software are provided for both Macintosh and Windows. For instructions to scan directly to a USB drive, see Konica Minolta: Scan to USB.

Installing printer drivers

Download the printer driver:
Konica Minolta Bizhub 224e

  • Run the driver pkg installer that was downloaded
  • Press Continue at the Introduction screen. Press Continue at the Read Me screen. Press Continue at the license screen. Press Agree to continue installing the driver.
  • Select your Hard Disk an click Continue (in most cases, Macintosh HD will be your hard disk)install_C554_C364_series_driver
  • Press Install at the Installation Type screen. You will then be required to enter your computer password to continue with installation. Enter your password and then press Install Software


  • Press Close at the Installation was successful screen.

The printer driver has been successfully installed. You can continue installing more printer drivers or continue to the next step, adding individual printers.

Adding Individual Printers

  • Open System preferences and then click on Printers & Scanners

Print & Scan

  • Press the “+” button at the bottom of the Printers column. Choose “Add Printer or Scanner…”
    Note: These steps will need to be repeated for each printer you would like to add

Print & Scan 2

  • At the “Add” screen, use the following settings:
  • Address:
  • Protocol: Line Printer Daemon – LPD
  • Queue: print
  • Name: The name that will show in your print queue. It should be something you remember. Standard practice is to use Bizhub 224e
  • Location: Will auto-fill. It can also be left blank
  • Use: Choose Select Software… in the dropdown menu
  • At the Printer Software screen, select the correct driver for your printer (listed below):
    • Tip: Use the filter bar at the top to narrow your resultskonica_printer_driver_select
  • Click OK and then click Add.
  • At the final printer Setting Up screen, leave everything as default except for the Finisher. Set the Finisher as follows:
    • Konny1 – FS-534
  • Click OK

Your new printer will now be in the Printer Queue. Repeat the steps for all the printers you need. If you run into problems installing the printer, please contact TDI Computing.

Download the printer driver:
Konica Minolta Bizhub 224e

  • Run the exe file that you just downloaded above and when the “7-Zip self-extracting archive” dialog pops up, click Extract. Make a note where you extracted the folder to.
  • Once extracted, you can now install the printer.
  • Go to the Start Menu. Select Devices and Printers (if you’re running Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8.1).
    Windows Devices and Printers
  • Click “Add a printer
  • Click “Add a network, wireless or Bluetooth printer
  • At the “Searching for available printers…” screen, click “The printer that I want isn’t listed“. It may take a moment for the search to cancel the search, then click “Next“.
  • At the find a Printer by name or TCP/IP address screen, enter the following values:
    • Device type: TCP/IP Device
    • Hostname or IP address:
    • Port name: This will auto-populate with the IP address.
    • Make sure the check box for “Query the printer…” is left unchecked.
    • Click Next
  • It will go to the “Detecting TCP/IP port” and begin scanning. Once finished scanning, you will be taken to the “Additional port information” screen. Leave “Generic Network Card” selected and click “Next”
  • At the “Install the printer driver” screen, click “Have disk
  • At the “Install from disk” menu, click “Browse…” and the “Locate File” browser will appear. Browse to where you extracted the folders from the first step (usually in your Downloads folder or on the Desktop). The locations will be: Konny2_Driver > Drivers > PCL > EN. If you are using a 64 bit system, open the “Win_x64” directory or if it a 32 bit machine, open the “Win_x86” directory. There should be only one file in the directory: KOAYTJ_. Click on the file and then click “Open”
  • With the driver now showing in the bottom address bar, click “OK
  • At the “Install the printer driver” screen, select “KONICA MINOLTA C364SeriesPCL” and click “Next
  • Name the new printer: Bizhub 224e and then click “Next
  • It will finish installing the printer and then you will receive a message saying “You’ve successfully added Bizhub 224e Printer”. Click “Finish

If you run into problems installing the printer, please contact TDI Computing.