Printer Setup: Dewey Field Road

These instructions are for the Konica Minolta printer located at Dewey Field Road. Instructions and software are provided for both Macintosh and Windows. To add yourself to the address book for direct email scanning, see Printer Setup: Add email to Address Book (Scanning)

Download the driver for the printer you would like to connect to:
Dewey Field Road Room 215 (Konica Minolta bizhub c454e)
This driver will only work for OS X 10.10+. For earlier drivers, visit Konica Minolta Driver Downloads

  • Run the driver pkg installer that was downloaded
  • Press Continue at the Introduction screen. Press Continue at the Read Me screen. Press Continue at the license screen. Press Agree to continue installing the driver.
  • Select your Hard Disk an click Continue (in most cases, Macintosh HD will be your hard disk)install_C554_C364_series_driver
  • Press Install at the Installation Type screen. You will then be required to enter your computer password to continue with installation. Enter your password and then press Install Software


  • Press Close at the Installation was successful screen.

The printer driver has been successfully installed. You can continue installing more printer drivers or continue to the next step, adding individual printers.

Adding Individual Printers

  • Open System preferences and then click on Printers & Scanners

Print & Scan

  • Press the “+” button at the bottom of the Printers column. Choose “Add Printer or Scanner…”
    Note: These steps will need to be repeated for each printer you would like to add

Print & Scan 2

  • At the “Add” screen, set the details for the printer:
    • Address:
    • Protocol: Line Printer Daemon – LPD
    • Queue: print
    • Name: The name that will show in your print queue. It should be something you remember. Standard practice is to use DFR Room 215
    • Location: Will auto-fill. It can also be left blank
    • Use: Choose Select Software… in the dropdown menu
  • At the Printer Software screen, select the correct driver for your printer (listed below):
      Tip: Use the filter bar at the top to narrow your resultskonica_printer_driver_select
  • Click OK and then click Add.
  • At the final printer Setting Up screen, leave everything as default except for the Finisher. Set the Finisher as follows:
    • FS-534
  • Click OK

Your new printer will now be in the Printer Queue. Repeat the steps for all the printers you need. If you run into problems installing the printer, please contact TDI Computing.

Download the driver for the printer:
Dewey Field Road Room 215  (Konica Minolta bizhub c454e)

  • Run the exe file that you just downloaded above and when the “7-Zip self-extracting archive” dialog pops up, click Extract
  • Open the newly created folder with the same name as the printer you are installing. Run the installer marked Setup64 (if that doesn’t work, you may be running Windows 7 32 bit and can run the regular Setup file). If the User Account Control dialog pops up, click Yes to allow setup to make changes to the computer.
  • Click Agree at the Installation License Agreement screen
  • If the Product/Model Selection or Readme screen pops up, leave the default option selected and click Next
  • At the Select menu to setup screen, make sure the Install printers/MFPs radio is selected and then click Next
  • At the Select Printer/MFP to Install screen, select the “Specify printer/MFP Except for…” radio and click the Refer too… button on the right
  • At the Manual Selection screen, select the radio next to IPv4, IPv6 Address/IP Host Name: and in the text box beneath, add the address (listed below) for the printer and then click OK


  • Back at the Select Printer/MFP to Install screen, the printer you entered should be in the text box that was empty. Click the Next button at the bottom
  • At the Selecting the installation setting screen, check the correct option for your printer (listed below) and then click the Next button
  • At the Confirm Installation Settings screen, click Install
  • After the printer has been installed, the Finish Installing Drivers screen pops up and your new printer will be listed. Click Rename Printer
  • Change the name of the printer to DFR Room 215 and then click OK
  • Click Finish and the new printer installation is complete.

Repeat the steps for other printers as needed. If you run into problems installing the printer, please contact TDI Computing.