Synology Server Crash (12/08/13)

On Saturday, a report of connectivity problems with the Synology cluster (Kermit file-share replacement, backup provider for Mac and Windows computers, and cloud device) led to the discovery that the primary server encountered an irrecoverable hardware error. Thankfully, we have a secondary server that has an exact copy of everything from the primary server. All services have already been transferred and a replacement box should be on its way. The only issue is that because of the state of the crashed server, we had to change the name of the cloud service from TDI-Intranet to TDI-HA.

What does this mean for you?

If you’ve never connected to TDI’s cloud, nothing. You don’t have to read any further.

If you do connect to the cloud, then read on for instructions on how to make the name switch on your computer.

The following directions are for both Mac and Windows operating systems, but the screenshots are from a Mac.

  • First, you’ll need to unlink your computer from the cloud. Do this by clicking on the cloud icon in the taskbar of your computer and click ‘Unlink.’
  • Cloud Unlink

  • After clicking ‘Unlink’, you’ll receive the following message, click ‘OK.’
  • Cloud Unlink Warning

  • You’ll then be presented with a welcome screen that you may remember from the initial installation of the program. Click ‘Next.’
  • Cloud Welcome

  • At the next screen, you’ll be prompted to enter the server information and your credentials. Enter ‘TDI-HA’ and then kiewit\your netID and password. Then click, ‘Next.’
  • TDI-HA Setup

  • You will next see a screen that should automatically input your computer name and the path to your current cloud folder. Verify the information and click ‘Next.’
  • Cloud ReSync

  • The next warning is important. It will look like the message below. Be sure to click, ‘Merge.’
  • Cloud Merge Warning

  • Almost done. Just verify that you want to sync all of the checked folders. Click ‘Next.’
  • Cloud Folder Sync Verification

  • Click ‘Finish.’
  • Cloud Finish

  • To verify the new configuration is working, click once more on the cloud icon in your computer’s taskbar. You should see it begin to sync once more.
  • Cloud Verify

  • One last thing to remember is that if you have access to any shared folders, you will need to go into Settings once more and check the boxes for all the folders you want to sync. If prompted, select Merge. You shouldn’t have to recreate any shortcuts for the shared folders, but you will certainly want to test them.
  • Shared Folder Setup

  • As always, please contact us if you need assistance.