Transition from Synology Cloud to Box Sync

The following steps outline the process of transitioning a Team or Group’s project directory (folder/share) from TDI’s previous implementation of Synology Cloud to the new Box Sync service.

1. Claim Account
All members of the team/group should claim their Dartmouth Box Sync account (See Box Sync: Claim Account, It is not necessary that all members claim their account at this point as long as the team/group leader claims their account as they will need to create the project share directory.

2. Create Project Share Directory
The team leader can now create the project share directory. This can be done locally or using the Web Interface (related: Instructions for using the web interface). Whomever created the project share directory will automatically have full ownership permissions and can then add collaborators and delegate their permissions.

3. Add TDI Computing as Co-Owner
The first collaborator invitation should go to a member of TDI Computing (related: Box Sync: Share/Add Collaborators to folder). While it is not necessary that TDI Computing remain a co-owner after the transition has completed, it is necessary as we will facilitate the synchronization of project data from the Synology Cloud to the newly created Box Sync project share directory (as outlined in step 4). After the transition, TDI Computing can be removed as a collaborator or kept on in case future assistance is needed.

• While not necessary at this point, invitations can be sent to all team/group members to access the new project share directory. This will further be covered in Step 8.

4. Primary Directory Synchronization
A member of TDI Computing will initiate the primary sync from Synology Cloud project share to the newly created Box Sync project share. Synchronization time depends on the amount of data in the share but, with our direct connection to the Synology Cloud server, most syncs can be completed in an hour. The project owner (and any other collaborators connected with the project share at this point) will begin to see activity with Box Sync as the directory is propagated.

5. A Termination Date/Time is Scheduled
Team/Group members may continue to use Synology as the Box Sync project share is being copied. The team leader should now schedule a cutoff for all members to quit their work and save any open documents residing on the Synology Cloud share (i.e. Wednesday at 1:30 pm).

6. Synology Cloud Access is Disabled
Based on the scheduled cutoff time, TDI Computing will turn off access to the Synology Cloud project share. Members will still have access to the files locally stored on their computer, but any changes they make to these files will not be synchronized to team members. The Synology project share that is local on their system can also now be safely removed (deleted) from their computer.

7. Final Incremental Sync
TDI Computing may run multiple incremental syncs from Synology to Box Sync project share before the cutoff date to provide for a quicker transition. Upon the scheduled cutoff date, a final incremental synchronization will be run. As it will only sync the files that had been changed since the last sync, it will be over fairly quickly. At this point, Box Sync is now the sole project share directory that should be used by the team/group.

8. Invite Team/Group Members as Collaborators
If this step has not already been completed, invitations can be sent to all team/group members to access the new project share directory (related:Box Sync: Share/Add Collaborators to folder). Access permissions can be set on a per user basis (related: Box Sync Permissions). Access can also be tailored to specific projects shares or sub-directories of the main project share.