Add Email to Konica Printer

These instructions are for adding an email address to the Konica Minolta printers for scanning directly to email.

NOTE: You will need to be connected to the “eduroam” network to print and to add an email address to the printer. If “eduroam” is not an available network you can connect via Dartmouth’s VPN.

Printers can be accessed via the following links:

  • Open a web browser and navigate to the Printer settings page by clicking the applicable link above or by typing the printer address into your location bar
  • If you receive a Privacy or Security error, proceed past the error (The Konica admin pages are sent to HTTPS and the Dartmouth SSL is not configured with the printers. If you have concerns, use the above links for direct access or contact TDI Computing)
  • At the Configuration Summary screen, click the Store Addresses tab
  • Click New Registration

  • Select Email and then click OK
  • At the Address Book (E-Mail) screen, use the following settings:
    • Use opening number – Leave option selected
    • Name – Enter your full name
    • Index – Select the first letter of your last name for address book organization
    • E-mail address – Enter your full, Dartmouth email address
    • Press the OK button

      The screen will flash to “Now exporting. Please wait.” as your settings are saved
  • If the entry failed, you will receive the error “Service cannot be performed while there is an active job.” Click the OK button and attempt again
  • If the entry is successful, you will receive a “Completed.” message. Click the OK button
  • At the Address Book registration is complete.” screen, press the Return button
  • You will be returned to the Address Book List. You can safely close the window and you will now find your email address on the printer

If you run into problems adding an email to the printer, please contact TDI Computing.