Outlook Search Repair: OS X

Use the following instructions to repair search functionality in Outlook for Mac. These instructions work for Mojave, Catalina, etc:

Open System Preferences and then go to Spotlight

Once in Spotlight, deselect (remove the checks from) all checkboxes within the Search Results tab

Click on the Privacy tab and then click the Plus (+) button at the bottom of the window

Browse to your computer drive (it will most likely be called Macintosh HD), select it and then click the Choose button

If you are presented with a message about preventing Spotlight from searching your drive, click OK to proceed

Quit System Preferences and at the Finder/Desktop, click Go in the top file menu and then click Go to Folder…

Copy/paste or enter the following into the location bar:

~/Library/Group Containers/UBF8T346G9.Office

Right-click (https://support.apple.com/guide/mac-help/right-click-mh35853/mac) the folder titled Outlook and choose Move to Trash. You can also drag the folder directly into the Trash Bin on your Mac’s dock

Reboot your computer. Important: Be sure to uncheck the option “Reopen windows when logging back in”

Once your computer has started up and you are logged in, open System Preferences > Spotlight again and, in the Search Results tab, select (put check marks in) all boxes

Click the Privacy tab, select your drive and then click the Minus () button in the lower left of the window to remove your drive from the list

Quit System preferences and open Microsoft Outlook

Your information should still be saved in the keychain but your Library should have been removed. This should bring you to the following screen where your NetID/Email account is recognized but needs to be added. Click the Add button with your email account listed

If you do not see this, follow the instructions here to add a new account: https://tdicomputing.dartmouth.edu/email-setup/

After connecting to Office 365 and authenticating, your account should be added correctly. Click Done

Your email account and calendars will begin to reload. Please allow up to 6 hours for Outlook and your Spotlight index to be completely rebuilt. Your computer may sound louder and show signs of activity as your computer is indexed and search functionality may not work accurately while it is indexed. Use https://bwa.dartmouth.edu for search functionality until your computer is re-indexed.

If functionality does not return after 6 hours of computer uptime, please contact tdi.computing@dartmouth.edu