Zoom: Sign in to Dartmouth Account

The following instructions are for connecting to Dartmouth College’s instance of Zoom. For downloads, tutorials and information please visit Dartmouth’s Zoom landing page (https://dartmouth.zoom.us/):

  • Instructions coming soon
  • Open Zoom and then click on Sign In
  • At the sign-in page, click Sign in with SSO

  • At the Sign-in with SSO page, enter dartmouth in the domain field (the domain should be dartmouth.zoom.us) and then click Continue

  • Enter your NetID, NetID/email password and then click LOGIN

    * You will most likely be required to authenticate via a DUO Push request so be sure to have your DUO Push device with you *
  • Once authenticated, your browser may ask how you want to open Zoom Meeting links. If so, please associate them with the Zoom Meetings app and choose to Remember my choice… so that all future Zoom meetings will open automatically, and then click Open link
  • You will now be logged into your Zoom account and all future meeting links should join automatically from your Dartmouth account

If you are unable to connect or run into any other issues, please contact tdi.computing@dartmouth.edu (603-653-0810) for assistance.